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Natasha Singhania Natasha Singhania
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My Dear Friend!

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soul mates

The brutal world outside,
Deliberately waiting to capture me
And make me who they are known to be.

I am powerless alone,
I can’t stop them on my own
Facing them is even more perplexing.

I need you to uphold me,
Your love to support me,
And your care to protect me.

I know you’ll help,
Approach to my yell
And save me from this hell.
But what if you tend to forget,
Try to omit
Or just let me go.

Or if you get provoked,
On my silly joke
Or if you roar at me.

Still!!I’ll make up my mind,
That this isn’t the end
I’ll regain you, my friend

Because ‘ANGER’, the worst beast,
Will once leave
And then everything will get back to normal.

Just remember once and for all
-I won’t use you for granted
-Nor will I lose you, if demanded.
You’ll always be my best friend,
From the start, till the end.

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