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Manya Mishra Manya Mishra
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It’s rightly said, “To have individual peace is our right, but to maintain world’s peace is our duty.”
HUMANS…the word seem familiar…but the word humanity?
Are they related to each other? The answer is yes, they were related many years ago, now, there seems to be no connection. Back then when humans would move around from place to place, they were united. They hunted together, ate together and lived together. Presently, we have a world divided in countries. These countries are further divided into states and then in cities. Cities have societies which hold houses, each separated with walls, fence, etc. This division elaborates human behavior by showcasing nothing but the non unity in them. Is this humanity? I doubt it!
Humanity literally means- The fact or condition of being human. Humanity’s first rule is to have peace. Peace within you and among everybody around you. Foremost we are under the beasts such as CORRUPTION, ILLITERACY AND POVERTY. I don’t find a reason to not be in a united world of peace and glory.
Many of our extraordinary leaders have put in their efforts to get back peace into this world. Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Benjamin Franklin, Martin Luther King Junior, Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi and the list is endless…It’s our time now, to act and to act fast; Get back humanity in every human! And Peace in our WORLD!!
Let’s Pray,
Dear God, Please send to me the spirit of Your peace. Then send, dear Lord, the spirit of peace from me to all the world.

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