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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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They Stole my Thunder

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soul mates

This here is just another one of my unfamous rants. Call me a crybaby, but never, ever call me late for supper, cause it ain`t gonna happen! the fact is, I`m never ,ever late for suppa!

I was robbed
and I don`t say it lightly
my dreams were snatched away
in a brief flicker
of irreconcilable Time
that which cannot be retrieved
lost forever in the quicksand of time

I look into Youtube
and listen for that song
with the lost chord
it will never be the same again
I will never dance
that Waltz on a ballroom
floor of gold
for my cup of tears is a-brim
with the wine
of never-ending regret

I should have
could have
been better off than I am
this day
but, then again
I could easily have been DeD
many times over

Had I taken a different
turn in the road
well...what can I say?
I`ll get back to ya 1 comment

Stolen thunder
like wild horses
that can`t ever be tamed
like university courses that I
may never complete
complete my puzzle
if you can

They split my heart in two
but they couldn`t kill my spirit
I`ll rage on type
for the rest of my
Canajian injun days!

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