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Elizabeth Tan Elizabeth Tan
Recommendations: 29

Darkness In A New Light

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soul mates

If my heart is ever broken
I would find a lonely corner
to cry in.
If my life started to crumble
I would bury my face and
stare into the blackness.
If sadness ever caught up with me
I would have no hesitation
to find darkness to hide in.

But since that night when
you held me...
Since the moment I dug my face
into your shoulder...
When you wrapped your strong arms
around me...
I knew.
I knew I no longer had
anything to worry about.

You are my one and true love.
No other man could replace you.
No other man will replace you.
No other person could ever make me feel
the way I do in this darkness.

You lay against me with
your fingers gently intwined with mine.
Cheek to cheek, you keep me warm.
The shimmer of your laughter
makes me smile.
The deep groan of your voice makes
me melt inside.
The feel of your muscles beneath
my fingers drives me insane.

You send me crazy with desire.
Then you kiss me.
Oh, the soft touch of your luscious lips...
The feel of your warm love smothers me.
There I am in heaven. In tranquility.
In pure bliss. Everything.
My everything.

Whenever I see the blackness of night
I smile at myself and the memory
of your love and affection comes flooding back.
The darkness has a new meaning because
of you.
It is no longer a place of gloom and isolation.
It's a better light within darkness.

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