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Paul Day Paul Day
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The Dark Queen

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soul mates

A dark evil has come to rip away the life of a young girl detined to rule the land of Therst

There is a legend of ages told in the forgotten land of Therst
Where elves once ruled and wrote their songs upon the bark of Birch
And children of an ageing Queen played in safety in their youth
Until the dark times came and all joy was replaced by long abuse

And it so happened upon a hill in a thatched home far from trouble
A little human child was born to an elderly human couple
She had skin as white as snow and her eyes were red like fire
No hair covered her smooth, soft crown and her name was Ruby White

When she was born the village came to see this unique child
And placed their gifts upon the porch on the outskirts of the wilds
Her parents, old and fragile, did not see her to her eleventh year
For in their age they passed in time and their passing brought much fear

For they were the last of the ancient ones who walked before the elves
And with their deaths a darkness came to take the girl when she was twelve
Such sadness fell upon the lands from the East unto the West
So the Elves set out to find the Queen who had put them to the test

For she it was whose sister passed, leaving her the only heir
And she rode in on a black stallion with a mass of darkest hair
So beautiful, yet terrible her presence was to the Elves who ruled
They had no choice but let her reign but her magic was most cruel

The Elves, knowing what the Dark Queen sought, sent the girl away
Until she would become of age, they knew she could not stay
An Elf was charged upon her care to taker her far from home
And for the next thirteen years, in the woodlands did they roam

The Dark Queen, when she learned of this did in anger imprison them
Who sent her prize away from her for three years plus another ten
She used her evil magic then to enslave the race of Elves
And cursed the whole world of Therst  with her unnatural spells

Now it came to pass that Ruby grew a most stunning, slender being
As wondrous as an Angel and the most beautiful woman ever seen
The Elf whose task it was to instruct her in the Elven ways
Kept her safe and hidden until at last she came of age

And so in Ruby’s twenty fifth year when at last she learned the truth
She, with the help of her Elven Lord set about to reverse the Queen’s abuse
They recruited tribesmen from the North and soldiers from the South
And in secret planned to take revenge before the Queen had sought them out

Meanwhile the Dark Queen learned their plans and began a trap to lay
She made peace with the Western Provinces who dutifully obeyed
Her army stood ten thousand strong, unmatched by all before
For she was determined to keep her crown both now and forever more

But Ruby had a special gift, for she could read those whose minds were weak
So when scouts were captured spying, she used her gifts to make them speak
And when she learned the Dark Queen’s plans she sent false message forth
To trick the Queen into thinking her trap she’d laid was still on course

When the time soon came that Ruby with her Elf and band of troops
Set forth upon the lower lands to return the world again to truth
The Queen sprung her ill-thought plans and had Ruby in her grasp
But Ruby and her band of men surprised the Queen at last

The Queen, in anger tried in vain to summon evil power
But Ruby got the best of her and defeated her within the hour
The Queen was trapped and her power removed by the taking of her staff
With a terrible scream of pain, she died, unrepentant to the last

So Ruby, now the lawful Heir resumed her rightful place
And the lands of Therst was once again restored to the Elven Race
Ruby never married, nor had any children of her own
So she was the last Queen of her kind who once in the woods did roam

In time the world forgot this once great legend of her day
As for the Elves they dwindled and all but a few are gone away
But deep inside the woodlands, where an Elf once kept a Queen
Stands a statue carved in whitest Jade, the likes of which was never seen

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