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Something's wrong with this stanza I'm not sure what. Reads wrong somehow, or I'm not understanding your intent.

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soul mates

I left her there all alone and afraid,
the ice age hit when I was eight,
body so frozen yet my spirit escaped,
Now I need to go back but can't find a way. 1 comment

I hold out my hand and pray she will reach it,
she just looks down and can't seem to see it,
I know I left her but we both really need it,
to connect again, but our past we will leave it.

Whatever happened to the little girl inside,
who was the thief that stole away her pride,
who was the monster who made her run and hide,
why believe the world would be better if she died.

I dream of a field overflowing with grass,
cold winds raging and I'm running so fast,
what are you running from you might ask?
I'm running from what I want to be the past. 2 comments

I close my eyes and words flow from my mouth,
tell her I'm sorry and I try to speak loud,
I don't know what leaving you was all about,
I don't know, but I am here for you now.

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