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Mia D. Mia D.
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soul mates

The darkness comes in
And the rain starts to pour
But I am not scared
This has happened before

I once again plunge
Into eternal night
The clouds concealing
My fragment of light

I look back and wonder
If this would have changed
If the tears that I cried
Weren't ones filled with pain

If the laughs that i shared
Weren't only a dream
Then how would this differ
How would it seem

Would I be happy
Or would I still cry
When trying to sleep
Late in the night

Would I share my worries
And my memories too
Or keep them locked up
Just like I do

Would the rain stop
And the sun would come out
Ending this sorrow
Ending the drought

And as I think to myself
I see a tiny small spark
One that shows now
That I've created a mark

In other's lives
At least I might be
Not so utterly worthless
And so I'm happy

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