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Manya Mishra Manya Mishra
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soul mates

Beneath the dark skies,
During a full moon night,
In the silent streets of nowhere,
I lay half dead and half awake.

I could feel the presence
Of the million people around me
Standing, surrounded me. 2 comments

I was present there,
With my head wounded
And a vampire's fangs in my neck.

Striving to live
As my blood dripped.
Soon there was a call,
"Derek, STOP!"

Derek, I believe
Didn’t take a leave
Again someone said,
"Derek, she'll be dead!"

He firmly removed his fangs
And made his point clear,
"I can't stop, I fear."
"Then change her or she won’t last,
You've drunk her blood too fast."

I would have been dead in no time;
When Derek turned and gave me a look
That said he had committed a crime.

He quickly inserted his fangs
Into his own wrist
And put the blood into my mouth,
For me to drink, the only way I could live!

Soon enough I fell asleep,
But later when I got up
With fright in my eyes,
I screamed.

I knew I was dead,
But still, standing on my legs.
A vampire I was,
The one who can kill
But couldn't be killed.

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