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Jim Miller Jim Miller
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The Pain of Searing Loss

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soul mates

Have you ever been homesick for a place you’ve never been?
Have you ever missed someone that you’ve never met?
Has your heart ever broken with the pain of searing loss?
And yet you can’t pinpoint any loss?

Nothing seems to help lessen the emotional pain in the long run.
Some things help in the short run.
Prayer, work, crying, writing, helping others, sleep
But the pain returns after a while, and then I’m left back where I started
To hurt, to feel the searing loss
Of pain that persists
Pain that has not ended for decades

With the constant emotional pain, it is difficult to focus and concentrate
At work, at play, my mind is feeling the sting
And like any other pain, I keep returning to it and can’t get away from it
Will it ever end?
Will I ever be ok again?
How much longer can I, must I, survive?

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