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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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Santa's trip up and down the pyramid.

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soul mates

OK.  Here's my poor excuse for pyramid poem.

When its time.
Ringing bells chime.
Lights are shining bright.
Maybe Santa will come tonight.
Wearing his traditional coat of red.
While little kids sleep and Dad’s well fed.
And mom is still busy wrapping Christmas toys.
To give to her children, good little girls, bad little boys.
Toys from last year didn’t last long, not as long as they should
Even though now they’re made of steel and plastics, no wood.
So Santa is so busy, his sleigh is all packed to the brim.
He feels like the weight of the world is falling on him.
But he keeps on delivering, from dark until dawn.
Till his sleigh is empty, and the toys are all gone.
Then he heads his reindeer to the North pole,
He gets them home, he’s a poor, tired soul.
He takes off his coat, hat and boots,
Sneezes and whistles and toots.
Turns off Christmas lights.
Relaxes with wine.
It’s now time.


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