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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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And what More can I Say?

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I wrote this in the wake of the NewTown tragedy. I wrote this with a trembling pen filled with silent tears.There are no words sufficient to express the compassion needed for a time such as this.

      Have you heard those strange stories lately? Yes,`re quite right if you somehow couldn`t make any sense of it. There was no sense to it. The important thing is, you must keep your head about you, old Bean. If you can somehow find some comfort and solace during these trying and, certainly difficult times, you might try to find it in the fact that you are fully human. This morning, as I was washing my face, I looked up into the mirror and I saw that my eyes were red with unspilled tears.It`s quite alright to cry, you know.

     How fragile this life can be! Each human being is a beautiful work of art.But, all too soon, the palette of our lives can be so easily muddied. Circumstances often crowd out our capacity for heartfelt compassion,but even the most hardened cynic must feel some sense of connection with his brothers and sisters.That`s what makes us human.And when something like this happens, all of our differences don`t seem to make a whole lot of difference anymore.

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