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Brooklynn Fox Brooklynn Fox
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Layla And Lucie Story

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I just love german shepards and animals i just right form throught that float around i just think right on the spot and this is were it gets me im not done with this it is kinda like a rough draft i got 14 mor chapters to go so please im only 13 and i will separdt in pargahs later plz comment

The fight
              Chapter one
"Boom" a glass window broke,i layed in the floor hiding behind the chair with my germans sheapard layla as mother told me to do.After a few more glass shatterd there was a outburts "Get out of my house John just go!" my mother yelled,"Women look who your talking to!" John said grabing her throat. Mother screamed,it went to far then i lost it i jumped up and yell "Dont touch her!" Then he through a beer can at me to were when it hit me i started bleeding i fell to the floor beside my mother instead of behind the chair. Then i was looking around whispering "Layla come here girl." I didnt want john to hurt her.
Then a deep chilling growl was heard i spun around with blood on my face and as soon as i did Layla was standing infront of me and mother my voice squeaked when i yelled "Layla no he will hurt you!".Layla did not pay her any attention,John picked up a rock and hit Layla in the head with it.Layla hit the grown and yelped,"Layla"I yelled.Layla got up and growled with blood trickling down her forhead she jumped at john and bit his throat and held on tight slamming him into the ground not letting go until he stopped breathing."REALSE LAYLA"I yelled she realsed.
The cops and K9 Cops came good thing we hade sercuity cameras to show the cops what happen.Oh i left out that Layla is a police dogs she has been in traning a while and my name is Lucie. We walked out side i hade my hand on Layla head patting her.Layla was coverd in blood from the hit, And i was beat up like my mother. The amblunce was in the drive way they put my mother in there while i went over to the K9 police force with Layla.
Then the officer asked if i was okay i answerd "Yes sir thanks to Layla." "Yep so i am promting her from traning to a K9 unit member of the team now." The officer said. All the other dogs wagged there tails and one howled and Layla with joy and pain in her eyes she lifted her head and howled and when she went to breath she fell over. "Layla Layla wake up." Lucie words disapperd slowly after each second.Layla woke up in a room on a bed with Lucie on the couch alseep, Layla whimperd with the little IV in her leg.
Lucie open her eyes and saw Layla looking at her "Layla your awake I though I lost you girl." She cryed and hugged her and her Bailey walked in. "Mom Layla is awake." Lucie looked at her still crying "Then why are you crying?"Bailey said. "Becasue im so happen she made it page the doctor in mom and ask him if we can go." Bailey paged the docter in. By 30 mins. they were out but to there surprize the officer that promted Layla was there outside.
He had a check with him and somehting else for layla great save and risking her life "Bailey here is a check for $500.000 and the deed to a new house for you and layla there is dog clsoe pool its a very big masion and here is a new car to replace the one john broke." The officer said shaking Bailey hand "Thank you so much officer" Bailey said full of tears. They got in there new car and put layla in the back with lucie and they were off to start there new lives over.~TO BE CONUTINED.~

Bailey pulled the car in the garage at the new house. "Get up Lucie,Layla were here." Bailey said. Lucie lifted her head Lucie looked down at Layla still alseep "Come on girl get up." Layla said softly Layla got up and jumped out of the car and streched she looked at the house and her tail started wagging. Lucie got out and "Wow!" Lucie smiled at the big manison "Come on lets go in the back first Layla." Lucie said running in the back with Layla.
"Cool." Luice said stopping "A hottube, a pool in a shape of a dog bone for you and dog pals a pool for us, 52 arces of land and woods, know the house Layla." Lucie said excited Luice open the glass doors easy and then they ran inside. "Layla in the living room there is alot of dog clothes and real tiaras and dresses and glass dog bowls everything." Lucie said with Layla wagging her tail.
"Wow look at all my clothes in here and two beds in my room and 3 other bedrooms,2 living rooms,1 kitchen,4 bathtudes 1 in each room,a bathroom for each bedroom."Lucie said to her mom, "Thats cool honey know help me unpack i only got the dvd box with movies and i got the glass plate in that box, Dvd go in the living room on that shelf." Bailey said putting the box on the table and putting glass plates up. Lucie picks up the box and starts putting the movies up. "All done mom." Lucie walked in saying, "Great know we can go to bed it tooks us all day cant belive that." Bailey said walking up stair with Layla and Luice.
Bailey woke up to the fire alarm she ran down stair in a purple PJ'S. "Whats going on?" Bailey said taking a blaking and started fanning it away from the alarm so it stop going off. "Me and Layla was going to make eggs but we forgot about it when we watching a moive." Lucie said with her head down and Layla copyied her by putting her head down to. "It's okay im just glad your okay." Bailey said kissing Lucie and Lalya on the head "Go play i will cook."Lucie and Layla ran up stairs to get something.
Lucie walked down in a blue string binki and layla hade her new crystal collar on thats water proof. "Last on is a rotten egg Layla." Lucie said running to the pool. Layla jumped in her pool and Lucie jumped in hers "Tie" Lucie yelled, Layla got out and drugg her float over to lucie pool she threw it in and Layla jumped on it even know that pool is made for dogs to. Lucie splashed Layla and she jumped off the float. Layla got out and shook off.

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