Daniel Sintos Daniel Sintos
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"I know what love sounds like in her whisper." Just beautiful.

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Joel Pickett Joel Pickett
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The Touch

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She had a friend.

There was the touch, her hand on my shoulder. It was intentional. I was not aware until moments later. I wish now I had paid more attention and touched her hand with my fingers. I had no idea how much I liked that one touch. The touch meant so much to me. Her touch was like a song in the distance. I wanted so much to hear more. I will treasure that moment.
She whispers into my ear. She has my full attention now. Her nearness overwhelms me and the subject of her whispers is lost to me now. I am sure she does not know I am so aware of her breath on my ear. Her whispers bring the distant song closer now. The song warms me with her breath. I have only one word to tell of the song. Joy. I know what love sounds like in her whisper. I wonder if she might hear the song I hear.
I know how love might start with a touch. 2 comments

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