Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
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Maybe the husband gave her the money to pay bills. A lot of women dont find out their husband has dirty money. There is no real evidence she was involved so you should give her a benefit of doubt. :)

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
Recommendations: 31

Instead of giving her adress like that why not write, "she lives just across the hallway from us". Just a suggestion. :)

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I Ramble Because I didn`t Know What else to Do

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I wrote this because I felt that I needed to. Sometimes, I don`t always have to understand the motives for my writing. All I know is that this piece is for someone out there.

      I see one of them has passed through the pinhole again. You really have to watch those beggars, you know. Those things can prove to be quite troublesome, that is if they`re not dealt with..forthwith.They`ll nest in your hair, if you let them. They say they can pick out the sound of the human voice from as far away as...well, you may not believe me, even if I said,``Scouts honour,``or some such old fashioned thing. So, how are you doing these days? Christmas just kind of flew by and ran out the back door with all our money.``What money?``he says with a chuckle under his breath.

     By the way, that reminds me, my son found a billfold just the other day. It had three bundles of cash in money clips. Of the one bundle that I counted there was 1250 dollars.They were mostly 50 dollar bills. I know what you`re thinking.You think I`m shittin ya, don`t you? That`s O.K. I understand. That doesn`t come as an entire surprise to me. I gave up believing in Santee Klauss a long time ago anyway. Anyway, where was I? Yeah, right, the billfold. In an envelope, I also found a bunch of twenties. Unfortunately, the wallet also contained some pieces of I.D. What did you say? About the pinholes? Yeah, yeah, I`m just getting to that, O.K? Just bear with me, please!

     Yeah, so I go through the phonebook and I find the person that belongs to the wallet.I suppose anybody else would have pocketed the cash, right?I mean, it was just a couple of days before Christmas. I was iust thinking how easy it would be to just go shopping. But, I had to take a look at my son sitting across from me waiting to see what I would do. So, there I sits, with that big bundle of cash just staring back at me. The wad was so big that it was impossible to close up the wallet. So, I picks up the phone and the voice on the other end is her man.The man is gruff, impolite and three sheets to the wind.Then, she picks it up and I asks her if she had lost anything. Right away, she says,``Yeah, my I.D.``What? No mention of the cash! By that time, I should have picked up on the cues. One of them had wormed their way through the pinholes. It was trying to attach to me. I can see it as plain as day now! I put two and two together and figured the money was dirty. The most probable thing was drug money. Though I can`t be sure because her man is a trucker, and those bastards have been known to make as much as 10 grand a month. 1 comment

     Yeah, and guess what? She lives just across from us in 306.I then tell her we found it on the stairway. She comes over sobbing and ever so grateful.I hand her her wallet like it was a hot pertater. Moments later, she comes back and gives my son a twenty dollar bill as a reward.I told my son I was proud of him. I suppose he could have kept the money, but I`m glad he didn`t.I guess I must have taught him a thing or two about integrity. When everyone else seems to be out to get all they can in this world, remember They are listening.Watch for those pinholes, cause if They find their way into your head, they may also find their way into your heart. In 2013, I wish you all the very best and I hope that you reap abundantly all that you`ve ever sown! 1 comment

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