John Ramsbottom John Ramsbottom
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Its interesting how these last two stanzas don't have the same AABB rhyme pattern which makes them stand out and her and the poem to come alive defiant to smile and get on with living

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Elle Park Elle Park
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Broken dreams

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soul mates

White dress, sunken eyes
       She hopes her lack of reality will cause a disguise

       Maybe she's insane or just a tad bit off

       She falls back on the chipped brick and sighs with a cough

       I'm sure she's alright, she's fine

       Her soul is broken but still shines

       She feels the winter, the bitter cold
       No mittens or coat, she is sold

       She wants a friend

       She wants a home

       She's lonely and broken 2 comments

       But still smiles

       Fore the tinted smirk plastered on her face

       Allows her to pretend she's alive

       To pretend she's awake

       And live the life she dreamed

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