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April Miller April Miller
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God Answers

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soul mates


God please tell me if you made me special,
‘Cause sometimes I feel like an empty vessel.
Can’t be because you gave me curves and the “look”,
Nor can it be the way I work, clean, supply and cook.
Just give me a hint, I’m seeking any little clue,
What’s the great thing I was put on this earth to do?
Everyone’s complaining, the load is heavy with no end in sight,
And all I hear is “should’ve done this not that”, where’s the right?

Then I get a call from my Mom and Dad,
They know times are tight and things go bad.
But not one doubt do they voice, they’re proud I’m tough.
My husband greets me in hugs, says he’s not good enough.
Our oldest daughter needs to talk to me, because “I’m her best friend”,
The two little ones say, “Fix this, mom, there’s nothing you can’t mend.”
My sister calls, seeking my advise about matters of the heart,
Then ends with the words, “When did you get to be so smart?”

Okay, you see the tears under my eyes, but a smile is on my face.
Lord, I get it now, I’m so glad I’ve been put in my place.
It’s my task to share my gift, an old family recipe.
Pass on the ingredients, making sure my loved ones see,
‘Cause mixing it up wrong will make poison used on darts.
The secret to making love is not with your body, but with your heart!

                     April Miller

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