Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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This stanza is brilliant, Allen.

Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
Recommendations: 35

The ending of this is great! :D

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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A New Years Greeting from the President of my Company

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soul mates

Again, I ramble. Must be careful, I may earn the nickname of The Midnite Rambler. Happy New Year Everyone. 2012 has been a real Slice!

When we were young
we never dreamed that life
would come to this
it seems at times that
this world is dying,and
that Nature itself is crying

Yesterday seems like
a dream captured
in the wrinkled pages of
a fairy tale
could it be
that we are indeed
on the fast track
to a Somewhere
that nobody seems
to be able to define?
well, at least to hazard
an educated guess 1 comment

I was once told
that the reason for the
space race
was so we could get the hell
off this rock before it meltsdown
and would that be such a stretch?
question mark, everything is a
question mark
everybody`s clawing for
the slipperly elusive dollar
in a world where most people never
know where their next meal
is coming from

No, I`m not going Mayan on ya
I`m just trying to keep this old head
humming along with some sense
of the old-fashioned ideals
hearkening back to the time when our schools
were somewhat of a safe haven
yeah, go ahead and call me a square-head
at least if I ever land on it
Ì`ll be O.K. 1 comment

They say we can never go home again
that we are all caught in a maelstrom
of our own invention
that the time for intervention
is far past and it`s as if
we are all riding downhill on a boxcar
with no brakes
the monetary system is rotting
our paper bills have become plasticized
2013 Looms on an uncertain horizon
and I snicker at the idea of
the old western hero
dressed immaculately in white
with six-guns at the hip
riding on a rearing white stallion
as he dashes to our rescue

Poor cynical Me
as I sits here in my New Beers hat
awaiting the usual fanfare
strangely oblivious to where I live
and my surrounding blessings
so glad that I don`t have to deal
with typhoons, tornadoes and Whatever
I live on the Flats
where most of us are still
wonderfully square
and, so to the rest of you
I bid you the
and remember..don`t drink yourself silly
cause your head will hurt in the morning

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