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April Miller April Miller
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I'm Here

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soul mates

      I’M   HERE

I’ve been given a gift that makes me feel
Your heart tells mine and I know the devil’s deal.

When your world shrinks and you’re alone in pain,
If you think no one cares, and the world’s gone insane,

Know that I’ll listen, know that I really do care.
Know it’s not just the good times that I’m here to share.

Can I ease your burden?  I’m strong enough to shoulder a load.
And I’m here freely, with no chains or bars to keep me hold.

Understand I realize hurt can make you mean, lose all sight.
But try to remember those who love you before you go to bite.

Not that it will scare me, I’m not good at running away.
If you’ll hold my hand, we’ll move up and see beyond today.

I’ll show you my scars, so you’ll know they really will heal.
Teach your eyes to open, see those you touch, love you can’t steal.

Don’t like the crop you’re reaping?  You can change the seed.
You don’t have to grow selfishness or ugly twisted greed.

It’s your garden, plant every good that you feel, weed out the hate.
Look in your hands, you have the power to control your mind’s state.

Give a little heart, a wish to share the best of your time.
See a smile grow on another’s face, didn’t cost you a dime.

Yes, life’s a gamble, there’s always the odds you will slip.
Don’t let it stop you from picking up the coin, giving it a flip.

Heads or tails, make yourself see how the other side feels.
You’ll find you’re not so alone when it comes to raw deals.

Believe that when you can bring another to ditch their frown
Your sun’ll shine, you’ll hear peace in your own heart’s sound.

April  Miller                            

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