Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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These lines are beautiful...especially "But plucks a petal..." onwards

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Benjamin Crosby Benjamin Crosby
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The Balladeer

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Just a Day with you

Realizing I haven't posted much in awhile I decided to post some older stuff.  I wrote this song many years ago.  It's a slow, country ballad.  Works better sung than it does when read, but hopefully you'll enjoy it.

I have studied the divine,
Explored beauty’s diverse design,
And by heart know every line
Of what the books of Sorrow revere.
My words, like velvet hammers,
Strike the nerve; my voice enamors
A forlorn mass that clamors
To hear the wistful balladeer.

Each song whose truths console
Help mend the broken-hearted whole,
But plucks a petal from my soul
And replaces it with a tear.
I wring each anguish into rhyme
Until the melody is sublime.
Sparing pain for when it’s time
To premiere the refrain of the balladeer. 1 comment

Few can identify or map
Where grief and relief overlap.
My muse sets up a trap
Capturing the emotions that appear.
I do what my art demands,
Probing the darkness that expands.
And when I finish everyone stands
To cheer the weary balladeer.

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