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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Didn`t I, Babe?

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soul mates

I was tired when I wrote this. My brain was was on auto-pilot and I was listenin to some sentimental 70`s stuff on You-Tube. Sorry, if it irks you.

Ya cut me
didn`t ya, babe?
ya threw me away like I wuz
some dry jerky that ya no longer
had a taste for
just cause ya think you were
just a little too purdy for me

ya left me all alone
staring up at that lonesome Tennessee moon
just a -howlin in ta my raspberry wine
I`m just settin here listen ta my scratchy 8-tracks
and they`re meltin on the dashboard of my Pontiac

ya tore my ticker apart like a cheap geetar
shit, I can`t even cry no mo`
cause I ain` got no cry left in me
but ya knew I wuz just trailer park trash
didn`t ya babe?

ya left me just cause I lost my teeth
and ya loved me only when I didn`t smile
and ya went and took up with that guy
just cause he had mo` money than me
but I hear he done left ya
but I told ya, didn`t I babe?
but don`t ixpict me ta
come crawlin back ta eat crow

cause I`m a-walkin, babe
sure as( ya know what) I`m a walkin
and it won`t be back to you
mebbe I`ll head down ta Old El Paso
where them senioritas appreciate
us old gringos

mebbe I`ll be swillin Tequila
by the time the sun be rizz
over yer part of the trailer park
bye, babe..don`t try an sweet-talk
me out of it now, ya hear?

and, don`t try to be stalkin me
ya hear? and don`t even think
about callin me on my cell
area code 306 960-9222
Bye, now, ya hear?

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