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April Miller April Miller
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Secret of Her Smile

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soul mates


She still smiles, even with no money.
Some get mad, they can’t see anything funny.

But she does her best to always understand,
The way you live your life is all in your hand.

She can believe because she’s been shown.
She has more gifts, riches she could’ve never known,

If she’d gone another path, had not seen the light.
But she’s been given a second chance, a second sight.

She can’t see tomorrow, but sees what could’ve been.
Go ahead, just ask her, she will tell you then,

“Love can be scary, putting your all on the line.
No guarantees on the truths your heart will find.

Follow your heart, but listen to your mind.
Try to learn as you live so you don’t waste time.

Want to look in the mirror and find someone truly kind.
Keep the light inside you, and you won’t ever be truly blind.”

                                          April  Miller

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