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Nicholas Morin Nicholas Morin
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Did They Know?

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She had a friend.

I stood there motionless in her presence, for I dared not utter a sound to end the silence in which her grace presented itself.

She glowed with a twisted beauty that would make any who saw her weep as they would in fear, yet dare not turn their eyes away.

Her radiance loomed over the room distorting my senses as does a shadow at night conceal the truth behind its inhabitants.

I felt a bead of sweat's cold edge find its way down from my brow to my chin. It dripped, without hesitation, to the floor. The soft echo reached my ears and I found myself again.

Without my noticing, she had made her way from across the familiar room to only inches away from my face. Her breath was warm on my surely pale skin. How long had it been fogging the lenses of my glasses?

I thought I heard her speak one last thing to me, but the words were so soft, if they were words at all, that I could never be sure. The poison that was her tongue had done enough already.

The weight of my body was then realized and I dropped to both my knees. My whole self ached as I brought my hand to my chest.  She was already walking away.

My memories forced my hand after her. I then felt the stick and warmth between my fingers and saw the pool of red as I turned the palm towards me.

No thing ever was more cruel. I loved them, demons and all.

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