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Paul Day Paul Day
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Where Once a Little Cindy Lay

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soul mates

Reposted by request

Once upon a lonely day
When once a little Cindy lay
So softly did she sing her songs
With no one there to sing along

And then one day a fairy flew
It rested in the morning dew
When Cindy saw it playing near
She did not fright she did not fear

The fairy drank the frosty dew
Until satisfied and off she flew
She disappeared into the mist
But that’s not all, there is a twist

You see it wasn’t just the dew
That this little fairy drew
It was the sound of Cindy’s tune
That drew the fairy from the Moon

And so the next day Cindy sat
Gently patting her pet cat
And waited for the break of day
To sing to make the fairy stay

And sure enough the fairy came
Just like the day before the same
So Cindy sang her lovely song
As the fairy drank from nearby pond

So happily Cindy sang her song
That another fairy came along
It greeted the first who drank her fill
For Cindy it was quite a thrill

Encouraged by the fairies near
Cindy sang her songs so dear
Each day with the coming dawn
She sang to fairies on the lawn

Until one day she counted more
Now numbering close to twenty four
They drank and played amongst the trees
Whilst Cindy sang upon her knees

And then it happened one crisp day
That Cindy had to go away
The fairies came as they had done before
But no song did greet them any more

So sad the fairies were at this
As they waited for her songs of bliss
They came each morning to the pond
To hear the girl with hair so blond

The days passed slowly in the sun
As they waited for the songs she sung
The days turned into weeks then years
She’d never sing again they feared

Years went by and still they came
In hopes that she would sing again
But the fairy numbers dwindled there
Beneath the Apples and the Pears

Until one morning with the dew
No fairies came, no fairies flew
All was quiet near the pond
No fairies played for there was no song

But one day an ageing lady knelt
Her knees upon the grass she felt
And remembered when she was so young
How she had played and she had sung

Oh how she wished she could again
As she sat quietly in the Glen
A few deep breaths the lady took
Sitting near the little brook

With all her strength she tried in vein
To sing a song in the gentle rain
But the tune she sang was not the same
When as a girl the fairies came

So sad she was for want of youth
She had to accept the coldest truth
So instead she hummed a softer tune
Beneath the pear and apple blooms

And then by unseen magic there
Shedding tears beneath a tree of pears
She remembered now the notes she sang
And it all came back to her again

She sang so softly, so beautifully well
On aching legs where she had knelt
That a single fairy suddenly appeared
Just when they’d not come she feared

It landed by the nearby pond
And drank as Cindy sang her song
Another came and landed there
Joined by more beneath the pears

She sang all morning and then all night
Much to the gathering fairies delight
Until at last she could sing no more
And slept like she had not before

She never woke beneath the trees
Nor sang again upon her knees
For she in Heaven sings her tune
To Angels far beyond the Moon

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