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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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She had a friend.

Just thought you`d enjoy this little story as much as I did in hearing it recounted to me.

      Harvey just recently passed away. And,some might say that he recently``flew the coop.`` And, when he did, he left some lonely hearts behind. Apparently, Harvey was a great friend, and could bring a smile to your lips, in a moment. On those drab, rainy days when the sky was grey and dreary, Harvey was always there to perk things up.

     Harvey was aging. He was born in 1951. He was..(ahem) slightly older than me. According to my poor math, that would have placed him at 61. I got this story second-hand by a reasonably reliable source. Jeff is my co-worker. He is on Prince Albert Mobile, a local arm of The Commissionaires here in Prince Albert. Jeff tells me that Harvey was really spry for a senior citizen. He really loved music! Apparently, he was a great dancer, and could easily keep up with all those young whipper-snappers.

     Harvey had high cholesterol. And,this was complicated by some sort of blood circulation disorder. But, while he lived, Harvey was the pride and joy of the couple that he lived with. Well, at least..for awhile. Don`t worry, I`ll clarify that thought in a few moments. Harvey wasn`t what one might consider a big eater. It`s just that he always seemed to favour the wrong types of food.

     Anyway, they finally bought him home in a shoe-box, just the other day. The doctors said they could no longer do anything for him. They had exhausted all other viable means to keep him alive. Alas, Harvey just fell asleep, and was gone. The anesthesiologist had been cautious about putting him under due to his age and quite fragile condition.

     If you haven`t guessed by now, Harvey was an exotic bird. He was a Congo African Grey Parrot. According to my friend, Jeff, the capable of living for 150 years, in the wilds of his natural realm. In captivity, it is said that the C.A.G.P.can live as long as 40-50 years. Apparently, the C.A.G.P.can mimic almost anything within its`range of sensory experience.

     Jeff inherited the parrot from a friend who had divorced his wife of three years. Harvey, was, in part, responsible for the couple`s``fowled relationship.``Jeff`s friend was enamoured with Harvey`s vet( a vivacious beauty, no doubt). As the story goes, Jeff`s friend was on the phone one day arranging to meet with Harvey`s vet for a late afternoon tryst. Harvey overheard the secret conversation, and quite innocently relayed it to Jeff`friend`s wife. Am I losing you yet? In essence, the parrot squealed on his master! What followed was a bitter divorce, with the wife getting half of everything. Needless to say, Jeff`s friend walked away from the divorce settlement with only the shirt on his back and with ``bird in hand``.

     Harvey was a bird that would mimic most anything. He would often make the exact sound of his master`s cellphone. He could meow like a cat. He was able to whistle the Andy of Mayberry theme down to the last note. Harvey could readily pick up the beat on songs he favoured and would ``get down and boogie``with the best of them. There were a number of other tricks he could do, that of which, I cannot fully recall, at this writing.

     I told my son, who, just turned 17 about Harvey, and ever since then, Troy, now wants to get an exotic bird to sit on his shoulder. Well, the fact, is they only cost about 1500 to around 2000 dollars. And, if the truth be told, I couldn`t stand to see something enclosed in a cage which was meant to be living freely in its` natural habitat. In closing, Troy was saddened to hear of Harvey`s passing. But, just yesterday, he made the comment that he hoped Harvey was up there somewhere flying around and eating lots of birdseed in Heaven.

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