Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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"but no guts (were) there. ... perhaps better wording could be used? I felt so (foolish) he (shook) not shaked his head on mine bring down tear (perhaps, shed a tear) would be better

Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
Recommendations: 37

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Madonna Chukwunelo Madonna Chukwunelo
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soul mates

I just felt that every girl has a first love,and it is such great feeling

I felt so shy
to look in his eye
my love was strong
but growing still
many things to say
but no guts where there
the smell of his perfume
was a great turn-on
i wish i could dive
into his warm arms
but all that was me
in my dreamy world
i held my fork
so nervous to eat
i felt his eyes on me
and i melted away
he held up my chin
and smiled at me
i don't know
if to cry,smile or laugh
as his eyes locked with mine
the beat of my heart
reflected through my clothes
"are you ok?,he asked
i nod yes and no
he understood with a smile
i felt so foolished
i wished i could cry
as my spaghetti went cold
he came close to me
and sat next to me
my heart raced out
as i squirmed with embarrasment
he held my hands
and i felt ice run through my spine
it was so beautiful
as my eyes where shut
he whispered into my ear
his words where kind
as i felt his lips on my earlobe
"oh",such great feeling
i wish i could hug him
but my hands where paralyzed
his nose on my cheeks
it was sensational
he shaked his head on mine
and talked with such sweetness
his hands on my hair
as he went through
i could do nothing
but shut my eyes
as freely,i let him have his way
he looked into my eyes
with his amber eyes
all i could do was
bring down tear
but he knew
he was my first and only
he wiped those beautiful tears
and spoke the word
i loved the most
his thin lubricated lips
said not much,but"i love you"
oh such great feeling
to have no one but you,my love.. 5 comments

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