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Brooklynn Fox Brooklynn Fox
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A couple of differnt ones in this writting.

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soul mates

      ~Lone Wolf~
         Far across the tundar
        The ground starts to shake.
         It shakes like wild thunder.
        But as you can see its not as scary,
         As it seems but to find its just a lonely
           loney wolf howling for some

             ~The Lost Soul~
           The poor soul crys out,
          Ever night and day but nobody hears.
         One night a blaze went up around the house.
          The fire soon reached the inside of the house,
         The screams stopped and it was all slient
          The beaten soul was finally free
         Finally in the hands of gods the man
          That will love the soul and never harm them.

            ~Wolf Blood~
       In the distance of woods you hear,
         You hear growls and whimpers.
        As you walk deeper in the woods you,
       You see the shatterd and splatters of blood
      Blood everywere you here a growl but you are frozen
           Frozen in fear but your eyes move freely and you look up
      To you worst fear you see a large black wolf in your face with blood
     Blood covering his body you try to scream but cant
            And in a flash a howl is realized and you look down not hands
      Not hands anymore but paws your a wolf you came to rember you stepped in
    Wolf blood and know your a wolf scared in every way you cant control your self
       But you howl with the other wolf anyways and is know a memeber
      a memebr of the pack know forever no turing back.

      ~Warrior's Fight~
  Lined up with my brother and sister and indans,
     The day has come all the training done it is
    The real thing today the day we FIGHT!
   "ATTACK" The cheif yelled we run out first,
    We growl,bite,snapp,blood is being spilled everywere,
   Then a squeal my ear's perked up im filled with rage.
so much rage to were the point i lunge at him and rip his neck off.
I run to my sister and whimper "are you okay?" she laid there not moving.
My eyes started tearing up i howled but got back on my feet like that.
I jumped over one man with his brillant blood coverd sword and got behinde him.
  I jump on his back and ripped a chunk out of his back as he fell hard to the cold hard ground. I looked up its over but my heart skips a beat and remberd sister.
  I ran to her when i made it to her she cryed "Victory" and her eyes closed she didnt move. He whimper "Sister" And put her on his back and walked back to camp and the cheif said "You eitehr come back with your Shield held high or be carryed back on it like one of our dearset fighter is today but instead of a shield on her dearst brothers back." He layed her down in a hole they made and buried her "i love you." He said and howled goodnight.

      ~Puppy Love~
  "IS THIS ONLY A GAME?!" I yelled after him.
He threw his head back fur glisting in the moonlight,
"I do love you." She said hanging her head low.
   He walked over to her and touched her muzzle and said "dont hang low stay high."
She looked up she hade nothing to say face to face with the love of her life.
  Butterfiles,Confused,cant talk,just thinking about him,She closed her eyes.
Then her eyes open wide felling the the fur kiss then a spark happpen her eyes closed.
She reopen and say him smiling at her "See i do love you with all my heart." He said
She smiled and hade tears running down her eyes "I love you to."She said He lifted his head to the moon and howled.
She howled to and was soon rejoined in there love once again they promised never to fight
  never again and they lived happily.

      ~The new arrival~
   You hear tiny whimpers of servale pups.
  The new arrival is hear the pack howled
   Howled in much joy and happiness
     The alphas smiled at each other happy
   And looked at the pups,
  Servale days later you hear little patter sound on teh groud
   Then barking and growling The pup are able to see walk and hear
  There ready for adventure all playful and hyper they howl and gets there mom and dad to join in to
just a new beginning for the young pups. :)

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