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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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For Charlie

For those who said I should write for me, here it is.. Also, every poet has a piece that is unique to them; this is mine.

Bury not yourself in the catacomb of your inner despair.

Seek out the icon of the soul and glory in the redeeming prayer.

Quest out the truth; building upon the foundation of peace and tranquility.

Enter the womb of righteousness and nurture the desire of freedom that embodies all.

Worship the words that reveal that which should be known; only, momentarily, hidden.

Unweave the bindings that have kept your psyche hostage; escaping from the crippling

vision of fear and hate.

Man's wonder is transformed into the new reality of hope transmutating into the ultimate

phase of existence.

Breaking free from the cocoon of chaos; bursting forth, proclaiming the new faith.

Fixing one upon the stepping-stone of the path of the Almighty.

Reveling in this lore- you are everything/everything is you.

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