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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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Heavenly Game

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For Charlie

This ia a piece of whimsy that is also thought-provoking.

After the Beginning, as God surveyed his work,

Michael the Archangel approached and commented,

"Lord, your creation, Man, is not content. He

has named every living/inert thing and is now

idle. What may we do to interest him anew?"

God said, "Give unto Man these four things-

A heart that he may know love and all the glory

that it is.

A diamond that he will find prosperity and

its meaning.

A clover that he will harvest that he sustain

himself and his heirs throughout eternity.

Lastly, a spade that he will utilize in

obtaining the other three- digging and

tilling for the diamond and clover; filling

his heart with pride with all he has accomplished,

passing the knowledge, honor down to his offspring.

Lest, Man, forget these gifts I will create a heavenly

game that will remind him, allow him to think as

well as amuse himself."

Michael replied, "Lord, it shall be done."

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