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April Miller April Miller
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Believe Good-Bye

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soul mates


What does it take to make you believe good-bye?
What part of “I don’t like you” do you think is a lie?

For once in your life, listen up and listen real close.
If you don’t leave me alone, you’re gonna get a big dose.

Get your pain served up on a silver platter.
Do you think you’d be missed, or even matter?

You’ve done so many wrongs, spun so many lines.
Tried to be nice cause you’re due where the devil dines.

Why don’t you be smart and leave with your skin?
No, I won’t be sorry for you, just your next of kin.

I’m not gonna let you add me to your garbage heap.
You think yours don’t stink when you’re in head deep.

Did you forget I know your secrets and where they’re at?
Or do you think you’re the only one who can do things like that?

So, don’t come to me with your hand held out.
I know what you’re about without one doubt.

I only want to live, love and laugh.
Don’t want any part of your warm blood bath.

But I’m not afraid of soap, I know I’ll come clean.
But you won’t like it if I go mean and green.

Don’t think for one moment I’m gonna let you stay!
In the bed you made is where you need to go back and lay!

                                   April  Miller

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