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Taylor Lanson Taylor Lanson
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I Poisoned the Apothecary

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soul mates

Sometimes, the object of your affection will only end up being an object of your affection.

A love for thee so uncommonly felt,

rejection, reprise, foreshadowing hope.

One option prithee my solemn mind knelt,

idealizing poison as means to cope.

Thine love in return for profit in death,

harsh liquid for one in scorn filled vases.

Wishing for solemn unending true breath,

pain in motive but hearts bought with cases.

Yet fill me with haste, a trade off of end,

finite restraint but longing much change.

Revoking of substance, value to fend,

mountainous slithering venomous range.

No! Her flawless face on the reflection!

My formula which contents affection!

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