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Taylor Lanson Taylor Lanson
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I'm Both and None

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soul mates


Emulous canvass abdicated in clarion aroma.

Fragmented mirror revealing what probity lies within.

Prospection into the fissured void that accords beyond.

Duel reality for equal quintessence.

Which is surely I?

The divider's ubiquity insurmountably confines.

Yet the vision stares back with unbound abandon.

Dyad personas converge into calamity.

Recursive memory of crested manifestations turn grim.  

Perchance the one inside the glass advents the apex.

Nay is the distortion branded, descending into fallacious oath.

Perhaps not so deceived as hope adheres.

Regardless, attachment develops inside astray hearts.

The Victor animating the monster -

Or the beast hiding behind a face of selective?

Myriads delve into me always.

Imprudently perceiving the glossed echo on the surface.

When the serum meets my lips -

Concealed desires do I try to Hyde?

One longs to amass to the nexus.

Although these attributes tend in one secluded.

Both and none, the cultivation I have merged.

I befell it and vacillated, but never cringed.

Certainty in this doubt.

The longing for the coin in the well to make a difference.

Why do the ripples in the water reflect me clearer?

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