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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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The Story is Told

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soul mates

The deep dark part of me emerges once again and I cannot help but write about it.

The story is told
that a man went hitch-hikin`
late one night
yeah, he just up and left
and while he was out there
man, he seen some strange sights
man, they were just bizarre
so much so
I can`t explain it
so much so
I thought I only dreamt it

he said he was walkin` in darkness
man, you shoulda seen him
it was just like he was walkin`
in broad light of day
then, of a sudden, he thought
he felt someone walkin`
beside him
just a flutter of wing
yeah, I faintly recollect
that`s what he said
to me
yeah, tha`s what he said to me

yeah, and I thought
that man looked a lot like me
but that was a hundred years ago
yep,but I guess it only
felt that long
or maybe it was just that I heard it
in a fly-away song
too beautiful for
this old world of mine

An old sad song
so dark and pained
so that it evolves
and dissolves
at the bottom
of an old forgotten
too deep to get into
at this time

The story is told
differently every time
it just keeps changing
much like the face of Time
nothing ever stays
the way we want it to be

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