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effect instead of affect?

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Not As She Says

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soul mates

She said “I don’t want to answer that” when you asked
She could have said no and lied
She could have said it’s my life and I don’t want to answer a personal question
But she didn't

She hesitated and said those words which gave her away
She let her mind beat herself up for being so stupid
She knew she couldn't lie for they knew her too well
But she wished 1 comment

She wanted to show them her wrists after she left
She would show them her clean wrists, with only one scratch on them
She would be glad and tell them they shouldn't assume that her answer doesn't mean yes
But their assumption was right

She does it where no one suspects it was self-inflicted
She does it on her hand and foot, to say she was cooking or dropped something
She doesn't do it often because she has seen the effect
But she still does it 1 comment

She didn't want him to know, to make it seem like she was looking for his attention
She started before the other, but she didn't tell anyone, not even him
She wanted him to text her and ask about it or bring it up later
But he didn't

She has her reasons, some major, like everyone else
She thinks her reasons are huge at night, in the dark, but pointless at day, in the light
She isn't as strong as others and thinks she can’t go on
But she does

She tries to keep her head up and shoulders back, always looking forward
She tries to be the old her that was happy and helpful and kind
She tries to keep the darkness out
But she can’t do it anymore

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