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April Miller April Miller
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A Chance

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soul mates

Just a moment from the life of a teenager''s mother!


Will she ever be able to make amends?
Are all her wrongs such unforgivable sins?

Everything she does will never be good enough.
Trying to fix it, changing, forgiving and stuff.

Can’t clean it up with scrubbing, broom or mop.
Will nothing make the punishing judgment stop?

Everyone’s pain and mistakes placed on her shoulder.
Her love given, the sorrys said just make them all colder.

All because when she hurt, she thought she could give up,
When heartache, sorrow, pity, and self-loathing filled her cup.

Didn’t her past sacrifices, efforts, belief and faith count?
For them she’d give anything-love, life, money in any amount?

She’d live life as a complete loser just to see them all win.
Wouldn’t she lay down her life if it would save their skin?

Just once more to see them happy, a smile bright on each face,
All the harsh judgments packed away in a forgotten case.

Just to be forgiven, just to be loved in spite of any mistakes.
She’s willing to do whatever, however long it may take.

Knows she can’t put blood back in an open bleeding cut,
Just wants what she gives, to be loved no matter what.

Only thing she’s ever wanted from this hard, crazy life,
Is the impossible desire to be the best mother and wife.

Knowing she can’t, she’s not good enough, doomed to fail.
Unless anyone, just one cares enough to save her from hell.

                            April  Miller

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