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John Ramsbottom John Ramsbottom
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In the swim

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based on motivating ourselves to keep writing this poem is how the discipline of regular swimming keeps me creative. The structure is based on the structure of the song 'At Last' made famous by Etta James or on X Factor or Auto Trader adverts in the UK

In the swim

Sometimes I don’t feel strong
My alarm rings and I want to roll over
And I must get in the swim

Oh, yeah, at last the pool is blue
My hour is stroke by stroke and tumbling overs
This energises the want to be and to do
Even when I seem to have writers’ block

I write about things that I may never speak and you listen
My dreams are shared and no longer I call my own
I found a skill to give my time to.
A thrill that I have never known.

Oh, yeah when I think, I write
Oh, and then my readers respond
And here we are in writers’ heaven

For those brief moments we share care and you are mine,
At last !

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