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April Miller April Miller
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Look Up High

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soul mates


Two little young ladies, playing miles from adult strife.
One said to the other, “I’m gonna be Prince Charming’s wife.”
The other said, “That’s just fine, but I want a happy life.
Don’t want no one to clean up after, answer to, or do for.
Don’t want to ask permission to go, just open the door.
Being there just to please another, not me, there’s got to be more.
Won’t have to be fair, won’t have to share, just do what I dare.
And won’t I make them all stare at the things I’ll wear.
Won’t be caught in any ‘one man only’ snare.
Just look way up high, I’m gonna be there.”

Well, you know things happen, saying “never” cuts like a knife.
And you know about fairy tales, she became a mom and a wife.
But that’s just fine, cause God answers prayers, heard “happy life”.
She loves to be near them, knows this is what life is for.
There to please each other, her heart’s become an open door.
Found momma’s secret, can’t run out of love, give and get more.
She tries to be fair, values moments to share, shows her care.
Found out love isn’t a burden one has to bear,
But a beautiful gown, a crown of glory to wear.
If you look up high, you’ll see her there.

                                          April  Miller

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