Jim Miller Jim Miller
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. . . sleep haunted by life in dream form, . . . I think that this is very insightful and relavent. I like it.

Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Nicole, perhaps put spaces between your paragraphs for comments.

Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

That is so much better Nicole.

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Nicole Martinez Nicole Martinez
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Five Minute Run

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She had a friend.

      Kira lay on her bed, crying. She blasted music to try and cover her sobs just in case her parents should come upstairs and pass by her room. A pair of scissors gripped in her fist, Kira just made three cuts on her hand. Erik was leaving for a different state and signing up for war. He would be gone by the end of the week. The only thing she could do to stop him was something she wasn’t going to do. She couldn’t figure out the reason she just knew she didn’t want to do it.  
      Her emotions were all over the place. She had barely eaten all day. She doesn’t get that Erik loved her for her and wanted to help her to start eating again, to help her stop cutting. He said anytime she needed him, he would run. It was a five minute run between their houses. He was always there to help. She didn’t want his help. She didn’t want anyone’s help. She thought she was strong enough to do this all on her own. But every day she has a struggle to keep on her feet. Some days were worse than others. Today was unbearable.

      Kira’s consciousness started to fade. Before she slipped into a deep sleep haunted by life in dream form, she thought how she could just run to him. Beg him to stay. Tell him that she would do it, but she might leave any second. He might even be fine with that. She didn’t want him to be though. She saw him in his room, packing his clothes, his parents in their room trying to be strong. 4 comments

       Two final sobs escaped her lips. Then her mind shut down on her and let her sleep. The instant her body relaxed and her mind took over, she spoke to him.
“Start running.”

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