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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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The Assignment

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Is this type of scenario possible?

      The Assignment  © 2013 Don Yarber

       “How do you know the subject is perfect for this assignment?”
       “Sir, we have screened thousands of people.  Our panel of experts narrowed the choice to this particular individual.  All of his psychological examination factors have been weighed.  He is, in the opinion of our experts, the most likely candidate to do exactly what we want him to do.”
       “Are all of our people aware of what will happen once the code has been passed to the handler?”
       “Yes, Sir.  The handler is one of the foremost handlers for this type of assignment in the world.  Not since the Manchurian Candidate has a handler of this capability been chosen.  Everything is in place.  Now is the time to act.”
       “Have polls been taken to see what the public opinion will be after this event takes place?”
       “Yes, Sir.  Recent polls indicate that 72% of the populace, age 18 and up, will fall into a category that our experts find ‘acceptable’ and inclined to bring strategic pressure on their constituents and members of congress.”
       “I see.”
       “So we are waiting for your final approval, Sir.  Once you give the OK, the project will go forward immediately.”
       “Very well.  You have my approval.  Start the ball rolling immediately.”
       Once the ball started rolling it was impossible to stop it before the project was completed.
       The subject chosen performed exactly as the handlers and psychologist said that he would.  The guns were made readily available.  The access to the school grounds was predetermined and ready.  The massacre went just as planned.  First responders included a hand picked expert marksman to act as assassin.  The subject was executed exactly as planned, the caliber and make of the bullet that killed him would match a firearm that he had carried with him into the school because it was that weapon the assassin used to terminate the subject.
       Everything that was predicted by the experts fell into place.  There was the liberal press reporting on the “assault” weapons.  There was the outraged local officials demanding more laws on the “assault” weapons.
       There was the vice president making a public statement announcing a task force was being set up to study the ‘problem’ prior to a new law that would be written by the vice president himself being introduced in congress.
       The president went on national television to proclaim that it was “high time” something was done to curb firearms violence in the country.
       Congress passed the law.  No more handguns would be sold in the country.  No more rifles that fired more than one shot at a time without reloading would be permitted.  All other firearms that did not comply would be confiscated and destroyed.  That included all handguns.  Hunters were permitted single shot guns, muzzle loading guns, and bows.  All other weapons were confiscated and destroyed.
       One year after the planned project, Martial Law was declared.  America fell under the jurisdiction of the military, commanded by the president. The United States of America went from a Republic to a Regime.
       Somewhere a man mourned the loss of his son.  His son was not one of the people massacred.  His son was the poor soul who had performed the massacre.

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