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April Miller April Miller
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Hope I've Taught

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soul mates


Let me try to impress and amaze you.
Show you magic of a smile right out of the blue.

I promise to share all the love I’ve been given.
And every secret I’ve learned about true living.

I want to see you find real joy and sweet peace.
In everything, everyone, in yourself once a day at least!

I want you to grow strong, bright, happy and smart.
May riches shower you, so you’ll never worry about that part.

I know sometimes you think I don’t know much,
About your life in these times, friends and such.

You may be right on the little things, it’s true.
But can’t you understand, I was young once too.

I know the ghost that’ll make you quickly grow old.
And I know the price that’s paid when life is sold.

April  Miller

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