Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
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"They hang in the sky like coffins shaped like spheres." Just my opinion but I think this could be said better. Maybe: "They hang in the sky like coffin shaped spheres." To me it has a smoother feel to it.

Paul Day Paul Day
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I think that would work better. Thanks for the suggestion.

Paul Day Paul Day
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I actually took it a step further and wrote "spherical coffins". What do you think?

Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

Oh I like that better. It's a little more descriptive sounding.

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Paul Day Paul Day
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The Daughter of Earth

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She had a friend.

I wrote this today while I was contemplating all that is wrong with the world. It started out as a blog for my blog site and ended up as a story.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful lady. She shimmered in the night sky, all dressed in greens and blues of every shade. Her veil glowed with the brightness of a nearby star. Her face shone with the glory of a new world. Even though she had been here for a long time, she was still so young by celestial standards. In her universe, though, she was all alone. All the other grand ladies of the night sky were empty and dead, all life having long since vanished from their souls. They hang in the sky like spherical coffins. But Earth was different. She was born much later than her sisters and still had many long years left until she came to end of days. 4 comments

Her only brother, Mars had once been as she was, his air full of clouds, his valleys of watery lakes, shimmered with their glistening pink waters. But he never reached his full potential, dying much too young, leaving his sister to manage on her own. The still-born moon was the only company she had. She used to look upon the face of her small, lifeless sister and wonder what world she could have been, had she been born like Earth, full of life and potential.

She had always wanted a younger sister, but alas, it was not meant to be. But it happened once, at the end of a great age, the age of giant beasts, that a little miracle happened. The Earth fell pregnant with new hope and before long the first humans were born upon the face of the land. Then they began to breed and expand and it wasn't all that long before they made villages and even cities with the skill of their own hands. Earth was very pleased to have the company and the humans worshiped Earth, thanking her for everything she produced. But, an evil filled the hearts of the humans and they stopped being thankful and instead began to look upon each other with wonton destruction and hate and eventually, violence.

Earth became increasingly concerned when the violence manifested itself in war and after only an age, the whole Earth started feeling the impact of their destructive ways. The trees began to die. Mountains started bleeding, their hot, yellow blood oozing from every corner of the world. The icy veil that formed caps at both poles started melting and the air was filled with the smoke of humanity's ruin. Such was the destruction, that the rivers became poisoned, the oceans gave up the dead carcases of dolphins, fish and whales. The humans released great quantities of oil from the bowels of the Earth deep beneath the oceans, which polluted the seas. The lands were lay waste and all but the very edge of the coasts became desert. Then the humans began to starve, for they had destroyed all their crops and eaten all the animals of the land. Earth itself was in terrible pain and began to regret giving birth to such destructive creatures. So she made a decision which, even as she was making it, broke her heart, manifesting in the bursting of mountains. She poured forth her grief, her anguish, her anger and her love, all at once, all over the face of the world. It covered everything. Not an island was left untouched. But then, just as she was about to destroy the last of them, a single little girl, cowering over the body of her mother, suddenly cried out with the voice of a thousand angels. Such was the desperation in her cries, Earth stopped what she was doing, looked down upon the child and took pity on her. "What have I done?" Earth asked of herself.

The girl looked up to the sky and saw a face in the form of clouds. The clouds gently settled down upon her and when she was completely enveloped in them, she was calmed by the soothing touch of the moist, soft mist. She thought she heard a voice, but from where she could not tell. But it spoke to her as clear as if someone was standing nearby.

"My child. I have stopped. There is no more destruction. It is finished. I love you. I will not hurt you anymore," the Earth said, tears flowing freely in the form of the dampness caressing the skin of the girl's body.

"And what about my mother, did you love her too, or was she nothing?"

There was silence for about a half an hour. Then a deep voice came from right beside her, filling her ear and her whole body felt the words and she was at once at peace.

"I am sorry about the world. I am sorry for the animals, for the birds, for the fish and for the land. But, my child, I am not sorry for you. My child, I will be your mother now."

"And me? What am I? What is to become of me?" Tears welled in her eyes as she realized she was all alone in the world.

"You, my child, are the new hope. You are the new mother. When I die and I surely will, you will start again. You will have children and they will travel to the stars. They will inhabit the sisters which hang like jewels in the night sky. They will bring life and hope to new worlds."

And with that the heavens fell silent, the cloud removed itself from her presence and the sun shone again on to the face of the ground and upon the body of this girl, who now stood as a young woman. She felt something inside and placed her hands on her stomach. Something moved in her again, the smallest little hint of life, a life that would bring her great joy in the months and years to come.

As time passed, the Earth healed her wounds and the scars that filled the valleys sprang back to life. The deserts returned to pasture and clean waters once more flowed in the arteries and veins of the world. Fish returned to the ocean and animals again walked upon the world. In time, the new mother of Earth walked proudly with her children and grandchildren at her side. Together they climbed a great hill and knelt upon its breast and gave thanks to the Earth once more...

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