Paul Day Paul Day
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"language forbidden" great line.

Manya Mishra Manya Mishra
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Thanks, I too loved it!

Don Yarber Don Yarber
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Headline should be spelled Incomparable as is the last word. Don

Manya Mishra Manya Mishra
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Sorry spelling mistake.

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Manya Mishra Manya Mishra
Recommendations: 4


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soul mates

Tried to write after a month or so...I know not great, but this is my latest work!

Superb it is to be here, until one
Catches you dwindling your time, or
Hears you say nasty words in a language forbidden!
Oh! lovely it is to see the bright faces of your pals.
Oh! The fun with teachers we've all had.
Learnt a lot, from the mistakes we've repeated. 2 comments

Duh! The exams on the lessons, we'd already forgotten.
All the lessons we've bunked.
Yes! We have had all this fun.
School life is a thrilling experience

Adored by each one of us.
Repeatedly we are taught- the values and manners.
Enveloped by love-and-hatred, competition-and-friendship...

Bullies-and-helpers, we
Endure the negatives and place the positives in our minds.
Studies never came in the way of our adventure...
The school life...INCOMPARABLE! 2 comments

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