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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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In the Holy of Holies

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If you are a praying man or woman, then, please do so. I feel strongly, at this writing, that we, as the human race ,are on the cusp of upheaval, as never before.

The Outer Court

     I stood in the outer court.Trembling as a leaf in the autumn breeze,my soul became filled with holy dread. My breath was drawn out with spasms of terror. I felt strangely outside my body. I felt naked. Cause you see, up until this moment, I never really knew the sort of person which I came to be. This thing I was experiencing was like being plunged headlong into a different dimension. Words fail me to attempt to describe the indescribeable. But, nevertheless, I will try. At the moment of my departure from the earthly plane, I could hear the doctor`s voice. I could hear the weeping all around me. And I wonder if they could see the tear which rolled down my face. This was it. I was about to face Him. All my life, I had wondered just what He would look like. Now I was about to find out.

     The Outer Court is a place of deep self-reflection. Here is where you look into the mirror of your soul.There are many doors there, and with every turn of the doorknob, you enter into your most private moments. There you see things about yourself that you had hoped were long gone. Here you finally come to terms with yourself. All your life, it seemed that you chose to ignore those deep, hidden things that you knew all along..needed attending to. You stumble through the hallways, reeling from a dread sense of self-revelation. Here in this holy place, you find it strangely devoid of distraction. What? cable, you say? Never mind, that box in the corner which ruled your life...somewhat.The remote is now, out of your control. This is it. The time has come.There are no more planes to catch, no more late night soirees to attend. Strangely enough, you now give very little thought to your attire, or your hair. All this now seems so irrelevant, at this hour. Speaking of Time, it seems that the clock on the wall has stopped ticking. You are in a state of Timelessness.The sense of urgency has left the room. The tyranny of the urgent can no longer crack the whip over your life.

     I walk in the outer court, and I suddenly realize, that I`m walking on pure gold. No...wait, I`m not feels more like I`m like a moving wisp of energy,a form without a shadow. I don`t appear to have a shadow, because a shadow implies that there is darkness present. And, there is none here. It is so very beautiful here. At some point, my movement ceases. I see what resembles my reflection on the floor. My garments are of pure, glistening white material. I cannot describe the feel of the material, but it`s like nothing on Earth. It felt like I was robed in light, but it pulsated with power. That`s the closest I can come to describing it, in human terms. It`s so very beautiful here.

Oh, why won`t they believe in Something so beautiful? This is the question I ask myself night and day.Souls pour into Hell every day. Every minute, someone somewhere...dies.And where do they go at the moment they breathe their last? Will the dark ones come in their robes of grey and haul them away? Where will they spend forever. If it were possible to measure the span of Eternity,how could one do it? Would it be as a man releases a sparrow to traverse doggedly from one end of the universe to the other side? Ten thousand years could pass and that sparrow would still be a speck on this unimaginable grid.

     They say that it`s beautiful there.There is no spectre of fear there.Evil cannot live there. For it is the Holy of Holies.In the inner court, you can hear the angels. Deep, deepest peace lives there. And did I tell you about the sweet music there? It`s like nothing you`ve ever heard on earth. No distortion, no squelch of feedback can be heard there. One can hear the sound of many rushing waters there. Their harps are made of pure gold, and the strings are of finely spun laughter. And did I mention the vials of aromatic incense? There is no scent on earth that can compare. And one can hear the sound of many rushing waters there, as though it were a thousand Niagras.

      I am. I was told on earth that was his name. And now, here I am. I stand on the threshold of something bigger than life itself. I am irresistably drawn. I am like a leaf being pulled into a current too strong to deny. I feel strangely cleansed. I walk on the stones of fire, just as the enemy of my soul once walked. My soul weeps for the overwhelming beauty of this place. In all my life, I have never seen anything like this. I never thought that I would make it here. I feel so small. I feel so insignificant. My life was as a shadow passing over the grass and vanishing into thin air.

The Inner Court

     I feel The Power intensely. It feels like I`m walking on a grid of energy. The pressure is unimagineable. Nothing hurts. There is no pain. There is just wave upon wave of superlative power. I`m swimming in it. It surges and swirls all around and through me. And then comes the silence. And, yet, I hear it. My name is whispered in the wind of the cosmos. I go to reach for my spectacles, but I find none. My eyesight is like that of the eagle`s and yet on a much higher plane. Below me the floor opens up and I see the earth. I hear the moaning of Nature, as if it was writhing in pain. I lurch away from the sight because I want to stay forever in this beautiful place. I shrink back in horror at the misery of the poor of the earth. And then, once again the overpowering peace floods my soul.

      In a moment, and I can`t measure, in human terms, just how long it took, but the floor beneath closed up. Then, I was spirited away to another curious space in my vision. It seemed as though an unseen entity ushered me into a gallery of bottles on golden pedestals. I gestured to touch one, and immediately, the being who escorted me telepathically warned me not to touch it. The voice was firm, yet gentle; as water slips down a serene waterfall. I recoiled softly. But I couldn`t help but notice that my name as etched in beautiful script on the blue crystal bottle.

     ``What does this bottle mean? And why is my name on it?``I waited for the answer (for an eon, or so it seemed).
     ``Don`t you know? These are your tears. Haven`t you read The Book? He has been bottling every tear that you ever shed.``
     ``That can`t possibly be. How could He do that?``
     `` He can do anything, and more than you can possibly imagine.``
     At this point, I tried to see who it was who spoke with me. But it evaded my field of vision. And it must have sensed my rising sense of panic. For it said to me:
     ``Don`t be afraid. He is going to look after everything which concerns you.``
     ``But, I don`t even know Him.``The statement startled me because it came out of me as though I was a tiny speck in the universe. After which, I came to, back into The Inner Court.

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