Harry Wells Harry Wells
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A nice lead in. Looking forward to the remainder of it.

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Ahmed Alireza Ahmed Alireza
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The road to riches

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She had a friend.

Very early on at the start of my working life some 3 decades or so ago, i always knew that i wanted to be rich. Very rich. Billionaire rich.
Clueless as i were about how to achieve such lofty targets, i set out one day visiting the local library; whereapon after scaning the self help book section, i pick out a number of books written by highly recommended get rich gurus.
Back at my ghetto studio apartment, i get busy as i lay there on the mattress adorning a bare dusty garbage strewn floor; doing some intensive reading, which as a matter of fact involved no more than a mere glance at chapter headings, index content and at most book reviews located at the back of each book.
I must say it did not take me too long to be able to switch into a suicidal depressive mode, after coming to the realisation of the enormity of the task that lay ahead, as i struggled mentally to undrestand and grasp the many seemingly strange concepts expounded by the various authors; which left me pondering scratching my head, as i go deep into my soul; leaving me with the unavoidable definite conclusion that what lay ahead and what was required of me was plain impossible and totally unattainable. I had a better chance flapping my arms and flying all the way to the Andromeda galaxy and back than coming to grips with a set of meaningless vocabulary of words, concepts and ideas that went against everything and all that i believed in. 1 comment

Further soul searching, as i bottom fished the pits of my very being, painfully trying to comprehend what many an author harped apon and refered to as, " motivation," that left me awed as i shuddered in fear at the thought of anything that would arouse in me or induce me to action or engage me in any activity. 2 comments

to be continued

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