Don Yarber Don Yarber
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"saw" you in the flesh? Seen needs a helping verb "I HAVE never seen you in the flesh".. At least that seems to be the case, I might be wrong.

Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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I think perhaps you might want to re-read the comment, Don - it makes sense as far as I'm aware! "I never even see you..." As in, away from the dreams, one never sees this person in the flesh.

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Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
Recommendations: 35

Happenings 4.0

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soul mates

Last night I had another dream.
If you saw it from where you were,
I’d like to know what it means.
If you have an answer then send me a clue;
something simple, something new
so that I can make sense of what I can do
to keep you locked out of my sleeping mind.

I never even see you in the flesh.
I suppose the next best thing would be the dream,
but it’s never quite as beautiful as it would seem.
It’s a tease, a trick, and it never leaves me pleased.
I never even touched a hand, not a finger.
But in my mind, every part of you seems to linger
until it drifts into waking. I’m shaking 2 comments

the insides of my eyes fluttering like butterflies,
my stomach aching for something a little more real,
a little more substantial, than just a two-D image.
Because that’s all you are.
A figment of fantasy, an element of ecstasy.
I want you but you don’t want to stay.
And what can I say? You’ll never hear me.

I close my eyes, sink into another place, another time.
Now you see me. Now you get it. We’re walking the same line.
It’s thin and it’s fragile, but it’s good enough for me.
You nuzzle me with softest skin, open up and I slip in
and it’s the warmest I’ve ever been.
You don’t have to speak; I just know what I’ve seen.

I hope to bring back the past with what this future gives me.
As long as you’re there, I don’t care where it takes us.
But you owe me something; you owe me time.
You took a lot of it away, and there’s never enough left in the day
to satisfy what needs to be done.
You owe me many smiles, two beautiful eyes
and the apologies that come with badly told lies.
I’m waiting for it all.
Dark comes, and even as my eyes grow heavy
I can feel you pulling me

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