Harry Wells Harry Wells
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Halt this tendency in you for introspective hate. Learn to like yourself.

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Nicholas Morin Nicholas Morin
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The Man I Saw

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She had a friend.

Hatred swelled vigorously within the pit of my being and I knew this man would soon provoke my hand. I noticed him first at a passing glance. I had turned back to settle my wonder and as if on cue, we both stopped and stared at the other. Something was oh too familiar about this man from the corner of my sight, and from the look on his face, I knew for sure he felt the same.

Our eyes locked firmly, gripping each other's attentions; something coming over us. I was not sure what this feeling was, but it took not but a moment to hate his eyes. The sight from those eyes made him grin most monstrously as he looked me over. What more could this strange man know of me than I did him? I knew he was judging me. Mocking me. Taunting me. This man made my blood boil and my vision red. He knew my secrets, my shames, my every deed and debt. He spoke not one word to me, yet said all his thoughts by means of his sharp, glaring eyes.

I have made mistakes in my past. I have done things I am not proud to have been part of. I had wished to leave behind my past and erase myself to begin anew. Now before me stood this man, alighting the memories that dwelled within. Who was he to call to mind my horrors? Who was he to judge my soul, for I knew by his eyes that he was doing so? Those eyes cut deep, reaching in and pulling forward all that I sought to conceal.

This man I saw, saw through me. He knew just how weak I was beneath the thin surface of a shell I held as my composure. He knew I would crumble under the weight of his forceful presence. I could not bear it any longer! I could not stand those eyes! The little hope I had held inside let go and I lashed out! 1 comment

I threw my fist, and shattered the mirror.

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