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I can't help but feel you are making a criticism here. :p

Harry Wells Harry Wells
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I just might be but criticism of what, please? What does the :p mean?

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Harry Wells Harry Wells
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Glanford Brigg to Caistor Top

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soul mates

In older times Lincolnshire was famous for its wool production. The gentle hills of the wolds where I live provided perfect country for shepherds to move their sheep between high and low pastures as the season required. The small communities of rural workers have now almost gone  replaced by enclaves of high quality houses that workers on the land cannot afford as prices inevitably rise.

      The way from Glanford Brigg to Caistor Top
      Is crossed by ancient drove roads no more used
      By shepherds who moved flocks in early spring      
      Down from high wold slope to sheltered pasture
      Where ewes would limber up for lambing time.      
      And from here you'll see the heights around you
      Make voluptuous descent in greeting
      The level lands of Lincolnshire where
      On the horizon Lincoln Cathedral
      Emerges slowly, gowned in morning mist.
      In coombes and hamlets where these roads once led
      You'll find no rustic garb but city suits.
      Where once the wagons rumbled four wheeled drives
      With white wall tyres that have no trace of mud
      Make stately way down herringbone bricked yards.
      Yet if I squint my eyes and hold my breath
      It's then I fancy I can see the crook
      And fustian smock of long gone herders
      Leading lambs that gambol 'tween their dams
      And then I know I have found happiness. 2 comments

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