Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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"You carry your baggage on the eyes. People don’t want to see it, so you keep them closed." I love those lines. They draw such a vivid picture for me.

Warren Gates Warren Gates
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Me, too, love this image, it so hits home for me.

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Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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Love Maps

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soul mates

There is no accounting for the love lost between a man and a woman.
The pen and paper run out long before the strokes of a hand
can finish its veined rambling, the bin too full with last night’s vulgarities
for the letters, words, hopes that litter the home.
You carry your baggage on the eyes.
People don’t want to see it, so you keep them closed. 4 comments

Time elapsed gives feeble hope; in that hope waits the rot
bleeding into the rope that frays as you swing
fingers clinging for grip, but you

It’s some years later, and you find you’re standing inside the mirror.
The reflection isn’t quite as you’d remembered,
or hoped age would lend you at the end of your journey.
Letters lie sleeping under the bed; useless
since you rehearsed each line in your head.

In the creak of that second stair, the greying of a solitary hair,
in the warm flesh once comfortable bare,
he comes back to you all over again.

A ghost, lost, slipping through the cracks like cool air
between sheets you refuse you lie on, sleep in,
because they still smell of something you’ve missed.
Fluttering chips of wood, unfolding roses and the morning.

Kissed, like a tender bite to an apple
to find its insides are hollowed out. Worthless
like old penny coins. No one saves them anymore.
When you go out and greet the night,
you remember  what you were looking for.

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