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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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Sunday Dinner

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soul mates

Because my family are from Jamaica, we eat Chicken, Rice and Peas every Sunday, which is a  family tradition.

It's Sunday today, time for a traditional dinner Chicken,Rice and Peas
Yeah, we love a good Sunday dinner don't we! With roast Potatoes and Cabbage
It's so nice isn't it! A typical jamaican dish that will never go away.
Proper jamaican food on a Sunday, what more could you ask for
So don't be shy tuck in eat til ya belly full and don't worry bout a ting, because true Jamaicans eat this food every Sunday.
So we never forget our roots and culture, where we are coming from in life
Because we are true to ourselves no one comes through the door and don't eat chicken,rice and peas because a fi mi yard dis.

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