Harry Wells Harry Wells
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Your sad piece would be better with paragraphs.

Mariam Adam Mariam Adam
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Will keep that in mind next time...thanks

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Mariam Adam Mariam Adam
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Who would've known

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soul mates

A single teardrop streams down her pale face, a single letter wrapped in lace. As she fakes her final smile, who would know that this was the last, glares and laughter fill the hallway, who would know the truth of her past. Her hidden legs covered in scars, her pain and hurt kept behind bars. Who would guess the lies she was in, who would guess the torture she'd seen. A broken home filled with drama and tears, her last pieces of hope eaten by fears. She's tired of the misery, tired of her suffering, sick of the world from which she has nothing to gain, sick of the people that have caused so much pain. So is this the end? Or is this only the start. Is there anyone to heal her breaking heart? Waiting for the sun to light up her days, Warm her weak body with it's glistening rays. Will anyone notice before it's too late? Is she ready, is this her fate? Will she let this all slip away, Is there anything left for her to say? With her glassy eyes and those faraway looks, her steady walk and pile of books, she walks down the halfway for one last time, the bells in her mind have begun to chime. she’ll leave the people that have caused so much pain, leave the world that has been so unkind, and a single teardrop streams down her pale face, but nobody notices as she leaves this place. #StayStrong 2 comments

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