Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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Beautiful, haunting stanza

Jim Miller Jim Miller
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Did you mean to say, "I am watchman" or "I am a watchman" I don't get it.

Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Sorry, Jim, I realize a lot of my stuff is a little deep. Actually, the way I wrote it is the way I consciously chose to write it.Perhaps, it would help, if I capitalise the ``W``in watchman.

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
Recommendations: 18

The Night is my Friend

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soul mates

Whatever it is that you do for a living, be a friend to it. As long as it is an honest living, embrace it. However humble it may be, it gives you the right to say, by my hands I earned it.

The night is my friend
it hides me
it wraps me in blue embrace
when the sun goes down
I run to see her

It is there
in those magical hours
which precede the dawn
that I`ve gotten
to know her 1 comment

memory calls out to me
out of shadows deep
I get lost
in dark thought
I don`t mean Eros
just the sublime

starkly against
the skyline
of starry solitude
I am Watchman
watch me wake 2 comments

While others
are wrapped
in slumbers deep
watch me engage
the warriors of night

well, at least
in my mind
Sleep calls to me
but I cannot answer

the night
is my friend
she sustains me
feeds me and she
makes right
whatever is wrong
in my life

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